Found this on Facebook. Love the costume! - Imgur

first instinct was to share with lobstmourne

Amazing oil paintings of 1920 soviet mechs by Jakub Rozalski - Imgur

really cool!


George WashingDONE with your attitude


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Like Swimming - Go Buffalo (Official Video)

So found this band through google antenna I guess this song is their hit. Its good. I like their song in my next video more but I like this song. and could NOT find a good quality verson of the the other one

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Like Swimming - Fighting demons - The Social

been totally obsessed with this song the past few days. the live version at this club is just not quite as good as it might be the recording equipment.

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David Guetta - Lovers On The Sun (Official Video) ft Sam Martin

So saw this music video at the hookah lounge the other day and really liked it. Neat song not a fav but I liked the tough western chick saving the dude. neat visuals.

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Source for more facts follow NowYouKno